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About me

Hello. I’m Chemov Victor Alexandrovich, WordPress developer, html-spider. I am 30 years old, I live in the city of Mariupol, Donetsk region. This site is my portfolio.

What I'm doing

I am engaged in the development and support of sites, as well as the creation of simple plugins for CMS WordPress. The full cycle of my development services includes planning the structure of sections and the layout of elements and blocks of future pages, selecting a PSD template or fitting an existing one, layout and integration on WordPress CMS, installation on a hosting. I am not involved in design and content creation. My last works are mainly business card sites and landing pages.
  1. HTML5/CSS3 Coding
  2. Landing Page
  3. CMS WordPress Theme
  4. CMS WordPress Plugins
  5. Business Card Website
  6. WooCommerce

Work experience

Pryazovskyi State Technical University

april 2017 - present

Specialist in the development and maintenance of corporate sites

I am engaged in the development and maintenance of university sites. The university uses wp multisite which runs an external official site and sites of departments. During the development of a new site, I am working on creating the structure of the future site, selecting a layout, layout and integration on csm wordpress, writing plugins if necessary and connecting the site to an existing network.


Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

june 2015

Pedagogical education. Bachelor's degree.

Professional training Computer Technologies and obtained the qualification of a Specialist in the Domain of Computer Technology, Teacher of Practical Training in the domain of Computer Technologies

The faculty of physical, mathematical, computer and technological education

The Department of Computer Technologies in Management and Education and Computer Science


Алексей Семенов
Нисколько НЕ пожалел, что обратился к такому отличному специалисту Виктору! Он сразу внес свои предложения по ТЗ, объяснил как это будет все работать и почему делать именно так. Как специалиста рекомендую потому что он знает эту область программирования на отлично и справился со всеми задачами, предлагал наиболее оптимальные пути решения и быстро все реализовал. Как человека рекомендую потому что он адекватен и был всегда на связи. В следующий раз обязательно буду к нему обращаться 👍
Алексей Семенов
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