Developed the WordPress site for a construction company.


About the project

The AlpCity company is engaged in facade insulation, repair of interpanel seams and other high-rise works in Mariupol. The current website of the company ( is made on a constructor, is very outdated and has a number of drawbacks. So the company manager decided to create a new WordPress site.

In addition to construction work, AlpCity is engaged in the popularization of rope jumping in Mariupol. I have already done the project to create a website for this company. More details RopeJumping.

My role in the project

  • design selection
  • layout
  • theme development
  • filling with demo content

More about the layout project

The layout project is made in Gulp.js. Styles are written in SASS preprocessor (SCSS syntax), html-code is in PUG (Jade) preprocessor.

The layout of the site is responsive, well displayed on mobile devices and desktops. Has indicators of download speed in the “yellow zone” (70-80%).

The main page is designed as a landing page. Also, templates for internal pages and categories “Portfolio”, “Blog” are laid out, as well as a template for the WooCommerce product catalog.

Libraries and frameworks I have used:

  • FlexboxGrid.css – modular bootstrap-like flexbox grid;
  • Superembed.js – detects embedded videos of popular video services and makes it responsive;
  • Fancybox.js – jQuery plugin for creating modals and galleries;
  • jQuery – popular JavaScript framework.

WordPress theme integration

The theme is integrated according to all the rules of the wordpress code. The integration did not use builders. All theme customization is done through the WordPress Customizer API. For some blocks of the main page, non-standard controls are written. Live preview works, that is, when you change the settings, the page preview area is automatically refreshed.

The theme is multilingual with the Polylang plugin. All Customizer API settings are translated by the standard tools of this plugin.

The theme has integrated WooCommerce templates for the catalog and product page.

The block with customer reviews on the main page is generated automatically from the posts of the popular plugin Site Reviews.

There are three different post templates for category and archive pages, they are used for company blog, portfolio and product catalog pages. The template is changed when editing or creating a category.

Screenshots of the layout of the main page of the site

Theme settings

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