Wrote a WordPress plugin for maintaining a catalog of real estate projects on the website of the company “SK IVALES”.

Work address: https://ivales.ru/

SK IVALES company provides services for the design and construction of wooden houses. The team of the company consists of professional builders, architects and designers, who implement projects of houses from profiled timber, rounded or chopped logs, carriage, as well as frame technology.

Plugin functions

The plugin is built by analogy with the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate template and performs the following functions:

  • creating a project catalog
  • project filter work
  • form for entering “properties” of projects
  • managing templates for catalog pages and projects

Using the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate template as a starting point for creating a plugin allows you to create robust and extensible code that fully aligns with the ideology of WordPress.

The plugin allows you to create new templates for displaying content in the public part of the site. This works in much the same way as in WooCommerce, i.e. when choosing a template, files are first searched in the theme directory. If the custom file is not found, it is used by default from the plugin directory.

Plugin post types

Real estate project

Non-hierarchical custom post type. SEO and Open Graph settings are available for this post type in the console. The arbitrary project description is edited using the Gutenberg block editor. Projects are displayed in an XML sitemap.

Project properties are implemented partly through custom fields (metafields) of the record, and partly through taxonomies.

A separate form is provided for editing meta fields. These properties are stored in the wp_postmeta table.

Project metafields

  • short project name
  • short description
  • project price list
  • currency
  • dimensions
  • floor space
  • feedback form shortcode
  • feedback button label
  • object gallery
  • list of similar projects

Project taxonomies

  • layout
  • materials
  • country
  • number of storeys
  • types of roofs
  • types of houses
  • dimensions
  • number of bedrooms


Non-hierarchical custom post type. On the pages of this post type, lists of prices for building materials of the same type are published.

For prices in the console, SEO and Open Graph settings are available. This post type is displayed in the XML sitemap.

The post content is edited using the standard editor TinyMCE. In addition to content, prices have properties in the form of meta fields, this is a short description and a minimum price.

Prices and real estate projects are linked with the help of the “material” taxonomy. Thanks to this, a selection of projects is made on the entry page for the construction of which price list materials are used.

The form for editing the parameters of the real estate object in the console
The form for editing the parameters of the real estate object in the console
Form for editing the "price" parameters in the console
Form for editing the “price” parameters in the console
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