Layout was performed based on the sample and creation of a WordPress theme with WooCommerce support.

Work address:

SPUTNIK School is a Russian online school for bilingual children. Classes at the school are conducted in Russian via Skype and Zoom. Children learn mathematics, Russian, reading, science, geography, music. Training courses are divided into different age groups (categories). There are separate pages of the teacher’s page, with their contacts, links to social media profiles and a contact form.

The old school site was created in Wix and has already grown out of the capabilities of this system. Therefore, it was required to completely transfer the site to WordPress and set up Woocommerce with a booking system. Where “product” is training on a course, and booking is an enrollment for a course and preliminary paid testing.

Booking on the site is implemented as an extension of the WooCommerce functionality. This is a separate kind of “product” for which you can customize the date selection.

My role in the project

  • layout of additional page templates (archives, teacher pages, search results page, subject lists, course category by teacher and subject)
  • integration of html layout on wordpress;
  • installing and configuring themes and plugins on hosting;
  • customization of WooCommerce templates;
  • creating a WordPress plugin to implement additional functionality;
  • transferring content from Wix.

HTML layout

HTML layout was done in collaboration with Roman Tykhonenko. The layout is based on the Bootstrap 4 framework. The layout is responsive, displayed correctly in different browsers and at different screen resolutions.

Libraries and frameworks used:

  • Bootstrap 4 is an open source and free HTML, CSS and JS framework;
  • LazyLoad.js – jQuery plugin for adding lazy loading images;
  • Superembed.js – detects embedded video from popular video services and makes it responsive;
  • jQuery is a popular JavaScript framework;
  • Slick.js is a popular JavaScript slider.

WordPress theme

A valid WordPress theme was created with support for WooCommerce templates and additional functionality written individually for the school website.

WordPress plugin

The plugin is built on the ideology of the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate template. This makes it easy to add new functionality in the future. The plugin code follows the principles of object-oriented programming.

The plugin adds the following functionality:

  • list of teachers and teacher pages;
  • adds lists of contacts and a contact form to teachers’ pages, letters from which are sent to the teacher’s email;
  • links WooCommerce products (courses) and instructors, i.e. the product (course) page displays information about the teacher;
  • creates additional taxonomy “Subjects” for WooCommerce products (courses);
  • adds the ability to create additional templates in the theme for “subjects” and “teachers”;
  • additional fields of WooCommerce product categories to customize help information;
  • adds options for creating a modal window with a new school student registration form for WooCommerce course categories.


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Home page
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